Educate Don't Incarcerate

Reversing the School-to-Prison Pipeline

This panel brought together a group of educators, students, and reformers to explore how policy makers can harness the power of education to reduce recidivism, increase public safety, enable sustainable employment, and rebuild lives.

Hosted by the New York Reentry Education Network, the Education from the Inside Out Coalition, the Center for Institutional and Social Change, and John Jay's Prisoner Reentry Institute


  • Vice President of Development &
    Director, David Rothenberg Center for Public Policy, The Fortune Society

  • Associate Vice President of Programs, The Fortune Society

  • Executive Director, College and Community Fellowship

  • Director, Education Initiatives, John Jay's Prisoner Reentry Institute

  • Associate Director, Criminal Justice Initiative, Columbia School of Social Work

  • Manager, Veteran's Program, The Doe Fund

  • College student

  • Director, Future Now, Bronx Community College

  • Computer Lab Manager, The Doe Fund

  • Director of Community Relations,
    David Rothenberg Center for Public Policy, The Fortune Society

  • Director of Employment Works, Fedcap

  • Student, Getting Out and Staying Out

  • GED Student, Future Now

  • Director of Operations, Re-Entry Services, Women's Prison Association

  • College Student;
    Consultant, Police Athletic League RISE Juvenile Justice Program

  • Director of Counseling and Mentoring, College Initiative

  • College and Community Fellowship’s

    Theater for Social Change Ensemble


Event Highlights: 

"We need to create career resource centers on Rikers, restore Pell grants for incarcerated students, and abolish the box on college admission forms that deal with criminal records." 


- John Gordon, Associate Vice President of Programs, Fortune Society

“This is why it’s important that our new mayor, Mr. de Blasio, and his team, not only support and allocate funds for educating this special population, but also create permanent effective policy changes that increase educational access for people with criminal backgrounds. I say this not because I know in my heart the critical role education has played in my transformation, but because I’m only one of many to come.”

- Johnny Perez, College Student;

Consultant, Police Athletic League RISE Juvenile Justice Program

Event Presentation:

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